10,000 Carrots Rabbit Rescue
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The first Rabbit Rescue in the Maritimes
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10,000 Carrots Rabbit Rescue
The first rabbit rescue in the Maritimes!

We are a small non-profit, unfunded organization that is devoted to the rescue and re-homing of abandoned and unwanted domestic rabbits in Nova Scotia.

All of our rabbits are vet checked, tooth checked, treated for internal and external parasites, spayed or neutered and litter trained. 

We are a foster-based network of volunteers caring for the rabbits available for adoption, in our own homes.  As such we do not have a public rescue or visitors centre.  We are, however, very good at setting up meetings for adoptable rabbits and their potential adoptive families.

Who We are &
Why We do what We do!

We are a small non-profit, unfunded organization that is devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing of abandoned and unwanted domestic rabbits in Nova Scotia. We run solely on donations.  Over the last 9 years, we have helped over 1000 rabbits - 90-95% of which have come to us from outside.
We do not have a shelter, all of our rabbits are kept in private foster homes and everyone associated with this rescue are volunteers.  We run solely on donations and are not affiliated with any other rescues.
All of our rabbits are seen by a veterinarian – generally within 48 hrs of coming into our care.  During this visit, they are fully examined.  They are treated for internal & external parasites (regardless of any signs of these) and any other issues found during the exam.  It is during this exam that an individualized plan is made for getting this rabbit ready to be altered, and ultimately ready for adoption.

Some rabbits are physically in bad shape and need extensive veterinary care and medication before they are ready to find their forever home.

Most are malnourished and need to gain some weight before they can be altered (fixed).

A lot of the females are pregnant and will need to give birth and care for their kits before they will be ready to be altered and offered for adoption.

Some have been through so much that they require a lot of socialization in order to learn that some humans are able to be trusted.  We have had a few who were with us for well over a year before they were secure enough to be posted to the website to start looking for a family.​​

For the babies, they will need to grow in order to be old enough to be altered​ and ready for adoption.
            -           Males need to be 4 - 41/2 months before they are able to be altered
            -           Females need to be 5 - 51/2 months ​before they are able to be altered

We truly strive to do what is best for each individual rabbit, so that they can have a happy and healthy life.

We spay and neuter every rabbit that comes into our care.  There are many reasons for this.  The first (and most obvious) is to control the population.  A rabbit’s gestation period is 28-30 days and a female rabbit can get pregnant the day she delivers her kits (babies).  That would be a lot of babies! 
One of the most important reasons is that by age two, 85% - 90% of rabbits will develop reproductive cancer.  It is normally very far along before it is found and almost certainly a death sentence.  Having rabbits altered also helps with behavior once they hit puberty and into their adult lives.  A spay with a rabbit savvy veterinarian costs around $370.00 and a neuter costs around $225.00.  Once the first visit is over, they are taken to their foster home.  It is here that they learn to trust again, and we learn about their personalities.  The individualized care they receive in foster is very important to them and us.  This greatly increases the chances of the adopter getting a rabbit that will fit with forever family, since we learn their true personalities.

Over the last couple of years, with talking to more and more people, we are realizing that misinformation or lack of education about domesticated rabbits is a huge part of the problem of abandonment we have been “band-aiding” for the last 9 years.  To that end, we have developed and started to deliver an educational program aimed at helping people to understand the plight that domesticated rabbits face when left to fend for themselves.  This program is free of charge, and we customize it to the age of the participants – anywhere from 4 or 5 to seniors.  We bring rabbits and handouts and really try to get the message out there that domesticated rabbits are not able to life a healthy, long life when left outside.

In order to adopt our rabbits at the low fees we do, fundraising and coming up with new ideas for fundraising is something we are always doing.  We have a couple of bigger fundraisers each year, but those and the monthly events barely cover the cost of feeding, housing, spaying / neutering and providing veterinary care for the rabbits that are in our care. 

Having a shelter is certainly a dream of ours, but is still a dream.  We would love to have the opportunity to help more rabbits, but space is truly an issue at this point.

These are not the fees for adoption, they are the cost of all the things we do prior to offering the rabbits for adoption - (as needed)
1 rabbit for $60.00   a bonded pari of rabbits for $100.00

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Rabbits who came to us with, or came to have, special needs.
These are rabbits who would not have made it without our help - and by extension, your help.