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Ideas to keep your rabbits occupied because
bored rabbits are destructive rabbits!

Rabbits are really smart and social and will, like most of us, get themselves into trouble when they are bored.  It is really important for them to have something to do, not just so they will not destroy things, but also to keep their minds healthy.
Shown below are some simple DIY rabbit toys as well as some that are available for purchase at a pet store.
Pinterest is a great resource for finding ideas for new toys as well as how to make them.

A toilet paper roll stuffed with hay

Made from cardboard and natural string - found on Pinterest

A natural string used as a clothes line with herbs, greens and a carrot hung on the line!

A toilet paper roll stuffed with hay and a couple of apple branches stuck in

A cardboard box stuffed with hay

A cardboard box - so much fun!

A dig box - can be filled with sand or papertowel and crumpled up paper or hay and treats - whatever you use, expect to have to clean up a mess!!

Kids toys to throw!

Apple or willow branches are fun to chew

Storebought toys - always fun to chew and throw!

Tunnels are fun to hide in and chew on as well!