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Bunny Basics

If you do not see what you are looking for, please go to RABBIT.ORG to check out their extensive library or contact us with your questions

Bunny Proofing Your Home

What does rabbit proofing Involve?
Rabbit Proofing one’s home involves three things:
1) Preventing destruction of your property;
2) Protecting your companion rabbit(s) from harm; and
3) Providing safe and fun chewing alternatives for your rabbit.

Rabbit Body Language

Rabbits have a language all their own. Here are some tips on interpreting your bunnies’ hops, kicks and grunts.

What Rabbits are Really Like

People who haven’t lived with rabbits often ask those who do if rabbits make “good pets,” and if so, if they are more like dogs or cats. Most house rabbit people don’t quite know how to respond to these questions ...

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Handling your Rabbit

Approaching a Rabbit
The safest initial approach with rabbits is to begin by stroking the top of the head.  Do not offer your hand for a bunny to sniff the way you would to a dog, because most seem to find this gesture offensive and may attack (lightning fast lunge with a snort).
DO NOT lift rabbits by the ears or scruf!

Rabbits Need Toys

Why is it important to provide toys?
Toys add so much to a rabbit's life.  Mental stimulation, physical exercise and excitement for your bun

Funny Bunnies!

Click here for some memes of Funny Bunnies - So funny, but also so true!

Common Misconceptions

Think you know "Everything Bunny"?

Click here to see our list of Common Misconceptions and the truth of the matter

Rabbits & Children

Children & rabbits are natural companions-right? The answer could be yes, no, or “maybe so” depending on many factors.
Are you thinking of getting a rabbit for your child?  Are you finding that the children and rabbit do not interact as you had expected? Did your family agree that the rabbit would be the “children’s responsibility” and now that is not happening?

Bonding with your Rabbit

Rabbits are social animals! They need relationships to thrive. One of the most important relationships a rabbit will ever have is with his caregiver. This foundational relationship will determine the quality of a rabbit’s life. Creating a connection with your rabbit is mutually satisfying and rewarding. Failing to take the time to develop a good relationship can result in unintentional neglect.

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Important information to know before you adopt a rabbit